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Personal Bankruptcy Filing Guide

The Different Types Of Personal Bankruptcy, Viable Bankruptcy Alternatives and Resources

If you are certain that bankruptcy filing is your only course of action to get yourself out from underneath your debts, then you must decide which type of bankruptcy you wish to file.

(Note: Before you choose bankruptcy filing we strongly urge you to consider a debt reduction plan, which can be a very viable alternative to bankruptcy. Get more information on how a debt reduction plan can save you up to 70% off your debts while avoiding bankruptcy.)

Bankruptcy will stay on your credit records for 10 years and may affect more than just your credit rating. A personal bankruptcy may hinder you ability to secure a job for example. This is why you should really think hard before choosing this option.

As well, bankruptcy is not free. There are filing fees and legal fees involved, to name a few.

So before you jump in we recommend that you consult a bankruptcy lawyer. Click here for a free consultation and help with choosing the best lawyer for you.

Once you have decided that bankruptcy filing is the course that you wish to take, you must choose between chapter 7 and chapter 13, the two most common forms of personal bankruptcy.

Find more information on these two options here.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcies

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Information

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