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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Information Guide

Resources For And Alternatives To Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 bankruptcy information:

Unlike chapter 13 bankruptcy which requires you to go on a mandatory repayment program and only reduces some of your debts, under chapter 7 most of your debts will be completely wiped out.

Although this may sound appealing, bankruptcy is not something that we recommend without looking at your other option first.

Many people who are looking for chapter 7 bankruptcy information are actually prime candidates for a debt reduction program.

A good debt reduction program can reduce your debts by 50% to 70%, help you avoid bankruptcy and get you completely out of debt in 24 to 36 months in most instances.

Bankruptcy, on the other hand may get you out of debt sooner and wipe out your debts completely, but it will remain on your credit report for 10 years, and hinder your ability to do a lot of things, even find employment.

Here is one of the top debt reduction companies that we recommend to our readers along with some information on their program.

If you would like to contact a lawyer for a free consultation we recommend Legal Match.

I hope that this chapter 7 bankruptcy information has been helpful. 


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